Brits aged 45 to 54 are taking up vaping faster than any other age group. The proportion of e-cig users in early middle age has increased from 13% to 20% from 2016 to 2018, Mintel research shows.

While take-up among young adults has decelerated, vaping is still most popular with people aged 18 to 24, with 28% indulging in the habit. Despite this slower growth rate, 57% of Brits feel too many young people vape.

Today, as many as one in five people in the UK vape, up from 17% in 2016, with men twice as likely to vape than women, said Mintel. Its associate director for beauty & personal care, Roshida Khanom, said more older vapers “may be reflective of them joining what they consider a fashionable trend”.

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