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Source: Scottish Grocers’ Federation

The report also found the number of stores had increased to 5,025

The Scottish convenience sector has provided 3,000 more jobs this year, equating to a 9% rise from last year, according to a new report.

The Scottish Local Shop Report showed the sector now provides 47,000 jobs. 

The report, which is produced in partnership with the ACS, also found the number of stores had increased to 5,025, from 4,973 in 2019.

In 2020, retailers in Scotland invested £62m in their businesses, with in-store chillers seeing the highest level of investment.

It also showed 14% of retailers work for 70 hours per week, 18% take no holidays, 85% engage in community activities as well as the average store being open for 14 hours per day.

A majority of stores also saw a spike in sales and basket spend since the pandemic started.

“The Scottish Local Shop Report gives us the hard numbers we need to show clearly how important the convenience sector is to the national economy, the local economy and to our communities,” said Scottish Grocers Federation CEO Pete Cheema.

“Retailers continue to invest massively in their businesses and this shows how determined they are to drive up standards.

“The effort retailers have put into expanding home deliveries is a tribute to their willingness to support vulnerable customers and to adapt to the impact of the pandemic.”