Source: Arla

Arla claimed the smaller pack sizes would keep the butters ’accessible for shoppers’

Arla has reduced the pack sizes of its Anchor and Lurpak block butter lines from 250g to 200g, but not all retailers seem to be cutting prices accordingly.

The dairy co-op began to phase out 250g blocks of its two flagship brands on 17 April, citing the cost of living crisis.

The weight reduction would keep the price of the butters “accessible for shoppers” amid the pressures of inflation, suggested Arla VP for marketing Danny Micklethwaite.

But pre-promotion prices are tracking at the same level as the previous, larger packs in at least one retailer.

At the time of writing, Iceland was selling the new pack sizes on promotion at £1.90 for Lurpak and £2 for Anchor.

Lurpak Slightly Salted Block_200g-1

Source: Arla

However, pre-promotion prices were listed at £2.70 and £2.25 respectively – the same as the former, larger blocks. This would equate to a price rise of 25% for both lines per gram.

At Sainsbury’s, the price per gram has remained at 1p/g and 1.1p/g respectively. The smaller Anchor and Lurpak SKUS are retailing at £2 and £2.15 respectively, down from £2.50 and £2.70.

At Tesco, prices have also fallen to reflect the smaller packs. While Anchor is listed as out of stock on its site, Lurpak is priced in line with Sainsbury’s at £2.15. The 250g lines had similarly been priced at £2.50 and £2.70 respectively.

As The Grocer went to press, Asda had no plain Anchor or Lurpak block butter lines listed on its website.

Iceland declined to comment. Asda and Tesco were approached.