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Greencore is among the manufacturers making recalls of various sandwiches, wraps and salads as a precautionary measure

Sandwich manufacturers are recalling sandwiches, wraps and salads in response to the e.coli outbreak, according to the FSA.

Greencore and Samworth Brothers are among the manufacturers to have issued the recalls of various sandwiches, wraps, subs and rolls as a precautionary measure, the food safety watchdog confirmed on Friday afternoon.

No other manufacturers had been named at the time of writing.

Over 40 Greencore products have been issued with recall notices due to a possible presence of shiga toxin-producing e.coli, with an additonal 15 lines from Samworth Brothers Manton Wood also being recalled. 

The Greencore products are available at a variety of nationwide retailers, including Aldi, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, the Co-op, Amazon and Boots

Products from Samworth Brothers are listed in Tesco and OneStop and under the brand The Gym Kitchen. 

“As a precautionary measure, we have voluntarily recalled a number of sandwiches and wraps due to a potential food safety risk,” said Greencore in a statement. “Greencore adheres to the highest standards of food safety, and we are working closely with the Food Standards Agency and our suppliers to better understand the possible source of any potential issue.”

Point of sale notices will be displayed where the products were sold, explaining why they are being recalled and what consumers should do if they purchased them.

Last week, the UK Health Security Agency announced the nationwide outbreak of shigatoxigenic (STEC) e.coli, which has now impacted 211 people. 

“This is a complex investigation, and we have worked swiftly with the relevant businesses and the local authorities concerned to narrow down the wide range of foods consumed to a small number of salad leaf products that have been used in sandwiches and wraps,” said Darren Whitby, head of incidents at the FSA.

“Following thorough food chain analysis, these products are being recalled as a precaution.”

The Grocer reported earlier this week that the major nationwide outbreak was mostly likely linked to fresh produce in salads and sandwiches.

At the time, the FSA issued fresh guidance urging consumers to wash fresh produce.

“Infections caused by STEC bacteria can cause severe bloody diarrhoea and, in some cases, more serious complications,” said Whitby who advised consumers not to eat any of these products. 

Samworth Brothers have been approached for comment. 

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