Freedom Cereals' Keep Me Going low-GI cereal targets mults

Keep Me Going is the first line from Freedom Cereals

A low-GI brand targeting the mainstream breakfast cereal market is hoping to be in the mults by the end of the year.

Keep Me Going are wheat-free cereal pillows made with whole grain barley and whole grain oat flour. The cereal had a glycaemic index value of 50 and released its energy slowly, preventing the consumer from feeling hungry later, claimed supplier Freedom Cereals.

Targeted at the mainstream market with an expected retail price of around £2.50 for a 375g pack, the cereal is also low in salt and sugar.

It is the first product to be launched by London-based Freedom Cereals, which plans to extend the brand with further lines including a high-protein version called Keep Me Strong and another called Keep Me Gluten-Free.

The products, which are manufactured in Lithuania, made their debut at IFE in March but have been improved following feedback at the show. Officially launched last month, the product is on sale through distributor The Health Store, and founder Richard Paterson said he was confident it would secure a supermarket listing this year.

“We are having very positive conversations with the mults,” he said. “Retailers recognise that shoppers want tasty, healthy alternatives.”