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Iceland is currently advertising store roles paid at £9.50 an hour

Iceland has increased the discount it offers staff in a move the supermarket’s MD says is aimed at easing the cost of living crisis.

The staff discount has been increased from 10% to 15%, Richard Walker revealed on Twitter today.

“We’re continuing to look for ways to help our customers and colleagues as the cost of living crisis continues to take hold,” he said. “Here’s the latest.”

Iceland is currently advertising store roles paid at £9.50 an hour, the legal minimum for people aged 23 or over. In London, Iceland is offering a higher rate of £10.40 an hour.

The staff discount increase is the latest in a series of moves by the supermarket which Walker has hailed as steps to ease the cost of living crisis. Last month, Iceland cut the minimum order threshold for free online delivery from £40 to £35, in a four-week trial that has since ended.

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Also in April, Iceland cut the price of dozens of veg lines to 1p each in what Walker called its “latest initiative in the fight against the cost of living crisis”. The four-day online offer was limited to one item at the discounted price per basket.

Earlier this year, Iceland began offering ‘ethical credit’ to shoppers, in the form of ‘microloans’ of £25 to £75, repaid in weekly £10 instalments, at an interest rate of 45%, equivalent to 55.6% APR. It would help struggling families “find their way out of the poverty trap”, Walker said at the time.