Cadbury Trebor Bassett is making the natural move for its Jelly Babies brand by removing artificial colours and flavours from the product.

From mid-July its Jelly, Party, Milky and Fruity Babies confectionery will be made using only natural ingredients to reassure parents looking to give their children a treat. According to research from Cadbury, shoppers were 15% more likely to buy Jelly Babies if they contained no artificial colours and flavours.

Mike Tipping, head of customer relations, said: "Jelly Babies have been a firm favourite with our smaller consumers and with their parents for more than 90 years. The move to natural colours and flavours will further add to their enjoyment of the product."

Products will display new on-pack labelling highlighting the use of natural colours and flavourings and will benefit from PoS material and a £2.5m media campaign supporting Bassett's this year.