Birds Eye has unveiled a new logo and revamped packaging across its entire range as it aims to bring “warmth and personality” to its portfolio.

The move forms part of parent company Iglo Group’s £60m Europe-wide brand relaunch, which is intended to shift the perception of frozen food from a fall-back option to first choice.

A centrally placed, pared-back logo now features on the packaging, which also displays close-up images of the cooked product laid out on plates in a kitchen setting.

The redesign follows an advertising campaign by the brand earlier this year that featured conversations unfolding as food was cooked, shared and eaten.

“Our new packaging completes the update to our master brand and reflects our popular ‘The Food of Life’ campaign,” Birds Eye general marketing manager Cheryl Calverley said.

“The refreshed packaging will help our products stand out on the shelves as well as delivering in increasingly important digital environments.”