Selling veg to kids is hard - ask any parent. But the Food Foundation, using the Peas Please funding provided by food brands and retailers, is having a go.

Its ‘Eat Them to Defeat Them’ ad has fun with the ‘no one likes vegetables’ idea, casting them as anthropomorphic baddies bent on world domination.

We see the evil greens in their underground lairs, before a squadron of sprouts launch the first attack, ambushing a woman in her car. “For years the grown-ups have been keeping the veg invasion at bay,” a voiceover tells us over smartly shot battle scenes, “but they can’t do it alone.” Cut to an army of kids fighting the good fight: stabbing, blending and, yes, eating veg.

Generic ad campaigns often succumb to too-many-cooks blandness, but this is original, funny and impactful. Another helping, please!