Marks & Spencer bakery 2

M&S Food has invested in value to keep a lid on inflation across key items such as bread

Marks & Spencer is extending its price lock commitment through to the new year in a bid to help shoppers struggling with rising living costs.

The grocer is locking the prices of over 100 “customer favourites” until the end of January 2023, including easy peelers (£2), vegetable soups (£1), pork pies (£1.50) and other kitchen essentials such as aluminium foil (£3).

The new commitment will sit alongside M&S Food’s existing value-tier ’Remarksable’ range, which features over 100 everyday staples at lower prices.

Earlier this year, the retailer also locked prices of its Remarksable range in efforts to attract shoppers amid the cost of living crisis. It said the investment in the range had driven its value perception to its highest level in years.

M&S Remarksable products are currently benchmarked against supermarkets such as Asda and Morrisons, not trationally seen as direct rivals to M&S. 

M&S’s super soft wholemeal bread 800g costs 80p, which is the same as Asda’s wholemeal medium sliced 800g loaf. M&S’s own label rich tea biscuits 300g retail at the same price as Morrisons’ Lyons rich tea biscuits 300g – 50p.

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M&S Food is also relaunching its popular Dine In deal offer with a brand new £10 ‘steak night dine in’ meal deal for two, which includes a twin-pack of own-brand matured steaks alongside the choice of a side and a sauce.

Alongside the deal for two, M&S has been running a Family Dine In deal for four with a regularly changing menu since the beginning of the year.

The retailer hopes to cash in on people reducing their restaurant visits as the cost of living crisis continues to bite into their household budgets.

“M&S has never been premium,” insisted CEO Stuart Machin. “Whether it was our founders’ ‘don’t ask the price, it’s a penny’ slogan or today’s Remarksable Value commitment, M&S has always been about delivering the best possible quality at the best possible price for our customers.

“For nearly 140 years customers have turned to us for our trusted value and we never take that trust for granted. That’s why we have invested again today to keep that value promise; giving them confidence that prices are locked on many of their favourite products and providing restaurant-quality food at home with new innovations such as Steak Night Dine In.”