Source: Bloody Drinks

The brand plans to launch two further variants later this year

Startup RTD brand Bloody Drinks has made its UK debut.

The brand has launched its first RTD, a ‘Classic’ take on the Bloody Mary cocktail, in 250ml cans (6.3% abv). 

The drink is made with “premium vodka and cream sherry for body, the finest tomatoes from Italy and Spain for natural sweetness, fresh lemons for acidity, and worcestershire and soy sauce for a rich, umami-packed base”, as well as pickle juice and hot sauce made from bird’s eye chillies and habanero peppers, which the brand said gave it the “classic kick”. 

The recipe does not include any additives, bulking agents, binders, gums, colourings or flavour enhancers.

It’s the first in a trio of launches planned for the coming months. The second, ‘The Bloody Samurai’, will launch later this year, offering “a Japanese twist” on the cocktail with dry sake, natural wasabi, pickled ginger, teriyaki, white miso and soy.

The third will be called ‘The Virgin’ – a non-alcoholic version of the Classic.

Bloody Drinks co-founder Harry Farnham said: “Our range hasn’t been designed by committee. We have spent the last year fine-tuning the recipe to create something that we love and that really demonstrates what a beautifully rich and complex drink the Bloody Mary can be”.

Canning the drinks, rather than bottling, had been an “obvious choice for us to not only ensure quality and convenience, but also ensure that the brand was as sustainable as possible.”