Source: The Coconut Collab

The yoghurts are fermented in the traditional way and each pot has multiple strains of live gut-friendly cultures

Dairy-free brand The Coconut Collab has launched a new plant-based yoghurt alternative range dedicated to promoting gut health.

Launched into Sainsbury’s this week, the Gut Health range was said to be “fermented in the traditional way”, with each pot containing multiple strains of live gut-friendly cultures, which the brand claims results in a thick and creamy texture.

The range – which consists of a 350g pot of plain yoghurt (rsp: £2.75) and a four-pack of 100g strawberry yoghurt pots (rsp: £3) – includes prebiotic fibre, calcium and vitamins D, B6 and B12, all of which promote a healthy digestive and immune system, the brand said. The NPD is are also naturally free from dairy, soya, and gluten.

According to the brand, it created the range to aid with overall gut health, which research suggested contributes to the release of serotonin.

The brand had also worked to remove the “usual tangy taste often associated with other gut health yoghurts on the market”, instead offering a “mild, creamy taste that will suit even the most discerning of palates”.