Cadbury Treasures White Space 1

Source: Mondelez

They will launch with a new space-themed pack

Mondelez is expanding its Freddo Treasures range with a new white chocolate SKU.

The treats will launch on 10 June (rsp: 65-90p/14.4g).

Like its Milk Chocolate Treasures, Freddo Treasures White contain 76 calories per pack.

Mondelez said this was to “align to a parental need for a treat-based reward under 100 calories”.

Brand manager Nicole Dudley added white chocolate sales were rising as shoppers looked for new options when looking for a treat.

The NPD would “help give choice to those adult shoppers wanting to buy a different treat for others”.

Freddo Treasures White will launch alongside a new Space series pack, which Mondelez said would include “exciting games and characters” providing shoppers with “intriguing new options”.