Source: Nestlé

The fmcg giant has added six new variants under its top-selling confectionery brands

Nestlé is hoping to capitalise on the growing blonde chocolate trend with the launch of its Golden Collection. 

The fmcg giant has given its Aero, Munchies, Smarties and Milkybar brands a blonde chocolate makeover, adding six new confectionery SKUs to its line-up.

It has added two Aero variants: Golden Honeycomb Melts sharing bag (rsp: £1.75/86g) and Golden Honeycomb Block (rsp: £1.25/90g). Both feature “golden bubbles” with a honeycomb flavour.

Munchies Gold Sharing Bag (rsp: £1.75/94g), meanwhile, retains the “soft caramel centre and crispy biscuit shell” of the traditional treats, coated in Caramac chocolate. 

Smarties Gold Buttons (rsp: £1.75/85g) are also made with Caramac, and embedded with mini Smarties for a “satisfying crunch”. 

Finally, Nestlé has given Milkybar “a caramel flavour twist”, adding Gold Buttons sharing bag (rsp: £1.75/86g) and Gold block (rsp: £1.25/ 85g) to its lineup.

“We’ve taken some of the flavours we know fans love best – caramel and honeycomb – and applied our chocolate-making wizardry to create new taste sensations,” said Nestlé brand manager Amy Bennett-Inge.

“The Golden Collection features deliciously-flavoured products from four of our top sellers – Aero, Munchies, Smarties and Milkybar. We can’t wait for people to try them.” 

It follows the UK debut of Cadbury Caramilk in June 2021 in tablet and countline formats. The golden chocolate, which was previously available only in Australia, went on to generate £8.5m in its first 12 weeks [NielsenIQ 52 w/e 11 September 2021].

Toblerone and Little Moons have since tried tried to replicate its success, both launching their own limited-edition blonde chocolate variants in August 2022.