Christmas celebrations have barely begun, but food and drink brands are already thinking about the next big event in the calendar – Veganuary. Here’s our pick of the new vegan-friendly product launches hitting shelves for the biggest event in the plant-based calendar

Loma Linda

Loma Linda ready meals 

Launch date: January 2019

Rsp: Ready meals £2.99, Tuno £1.29-£1.49

Listings: Amazon

This US brand is launching a raft of innovative new plant-based products in the UK in late January. The range includes globally inspired recipes like Spicy Pad Thai, Tikka Masala, Chipotle Bowl and Hearty Stew. The brand is also launching tuna alternative Tuno into the market in cans and on-the-go pouches. Tuno will be available in five flavours, including Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chilli and Vegan Mayo. 

Peakz chocolate squares


Launch date: December 2018

Rsp: £1.20

Listings: Independent health stores

Young vegan snack brand Peakz is bringing three new flavours of its wholegrain chocolate squares to the market ahead of Veganuary. Mint Chocolate, Forest Berry and Crunchy Hazelnut are palm-oil free, made with Belgian dark chocolate and come in on-the-go snack packs. 



Boundless Turmeric & Smoked Paprika

Launch date: November 2018

Rsp: £1.70

Listings: Amazon

This snack brand soaks and bakes seeds and nuts to “unlock their nutrients for better digestion”. The latest flavour, Turmeric & Smoked Paprika, is high in protein, high in fibre and soya-free. 

Applewood Vegan Cheese Alternative

Applewood Smoky Cheese Alternative 

Launch Date: January 2019

Rsp: £2.30

Listings: Asda

The first dairy-free variant from Applewood, this smoked coconut-based cheese is free from dairy, soya, lactose and gluten, and is fortified with calcium and vitamin B12. Accoriding to the brand, the cheese alternative can be sliced, grated or melted and will maintain its smoky flavour.


Pukka Cacao Maca Magic Latte

Launch Date: October 2018

Rsp: £4.99

Listings: Tesco and Amazon

This organic and caffeine-free latte powder contains medicinal-grade ashwagandha, a traditional Indian herbal remedy said to ease stress, and South American herb maca, which is said to boost mood. The chocolate-flavoured mix is blended with hot almond or coconut milk to make a “creamy and satisfying” drink. 


Gato pudding pots

Launch date: January 2019

Rsp: £2

Listings: Whole Foods Market, Sainsbury’s, As Nature Intended, Harrods and Ocado

This pudding pot brand is planning to relauch two of its flavours with new vegan recipes. Gluten-free Chocolate & Coconut Hot Brownie and Salted Caramel Hot Sticky Toffee flavours will be transformed with almond milk, raw cacao, creamed coconut and courgette instead of butter. The brand says the puddings have “the same great taste and comforting texture” but are now plant-based. 

Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger

Launch date: November 2018

Rsp: £5.50

Listings: Tesco

This long-awaited burger has finally hit supermarket shelves in a two-pack in November. The chilled soya-free patties are made with Canadian yellow peas and beetroot “to lend a meaty red hue” and contain 20g of protein per burger – more than a Tesco own-label quarter pounder. 

Vegan Broth

Watmuf & Beckett Super Broth

Launch date: January 2019

Rsp: £2.99

Listings: Ocado

Aiming for the lunchtime market, this broth pot combines quinoa, carrot, kale, garlic and rosemary for a blend the brand claims is “gut friendly”. The gluten-free meal soup contains 150 calories and 10g of protein. 

Meatless farm

The Meatless Farm Co mince and burgers

Launch date: October 2018

Rsp: Mince £3, burgers £2.50

Listings: Sainsbury’s 

Sainsbury’s took on this startup brand’s soy-based mince and burger patties in October. Manufactured in Nottingham, the chilled lines are wheat and gluten-free and are ”loaded with taste and texture” and will be loved by meat eaters just as much as vegans, according to the brand. 

Asda meat free sausage rolls

Asda Meat Free Sausage Rolls

Launch date: November 2018

Rsp: £1.50

Listings: Asda 

New in the frozen aisle, these four meat-free sausage rolls are made with soya, wheat and pea protein and wrapped in butter-free puff pastry. The product also sports a Vegan Society logo on the packaging. 

Good Catch

Good Catch Fish-Free Tuna

Launch date: January 2019

Rsp: TBC

Listings: Tesco

From the brothers behind Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen range, this new fish alternative brand will launch into Tesco early next year. The Fish-Free Tuna, which is made with a six-bean protein blend and algae for a seafood flavour, will be available in three variants: Mediterranean, Naked in Water and Oil & Herbs. The brand also plans to launch a range of fish alternative burgers.

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