Source: Ritter Sport

Four options will roll out: Cornflakes, Whole Hazelnuts, Alpine Milk Chocolate and Butter Biscuit

Ritter Sport is making a major play to boost impulse sales with its first portion-controlled count line range.

The brand has rolled out a quartet of “entry-level” 33.3g count line chocs in Cornflakes, Whole Hazelnuts, Alpine Milk Chocolate and Butter Biscuit flavours.

Each SKU contains two 16.8g bars, offering less than 100 calories per portion. The chocs themselves are billed as being made from sustainably sourced cocoa.

The NPD was “perfect for self-treating on the move or for enjoying ‘one now and one later’”, said Ritter Sport. 

‘One now, one later’ will be used as the tagline for a social media campaign bakcing the launch throughout this month.

The brand was “mindful of the need to help consumers enjoy a balanced diet without compromising on taste”, said Ritter Sport head of marketing Katy Clark. 

Ritter Sport is certainly not the only confectionery supplier slashing calories with portion-controlled packs.

Mondelez, for instance, has introduced a 100-calorie cap on all its products that are commonly bought for children, and a 200-calorie cap on all its multipacks – the latter of which it claimed would remove 10 billion calories from the UK market.

Earlier this year Ritter Sport launched its own DTC platform, called Choco Shop.