Source: Vale of Mowbray

The brand said it wanted to “drive much-needed quality into the category”

Upmarket pork pie brand Vale of Mowbray is moving into scotch eggs and posher pies.

The brand has splashed £4m on a new scotch egg production line at its facility in Leeming, North Yorkshire, which can produce up to 500 eggs per minute. It will launch an own-label line for Morrisons at the end of this month, to be followed by its own branded eggs further down the line. 

The move aimed to “drive much-needed quality into the category”, said the brand, adding its new kit would keep meat “moister and crumb crispier”. 

The brand’s new premium pork pies hit Morrisons this week

The expansion will grow the brand’s headcount, with the creation of 30 new jobs at the Leeming facility.

The brand has also unveiled a range of new premium pies, which hit Morrisons delis this week.

The “innovative” range used premium cuts of pork which each offered “a unique flavour in their own right”, the brand said.

The launches marked “a real step-change for the market and we are proud to be able to make the investment to drive innovation and growth”, said Vale of Mowbray MD Mark Gatenby.