Ocado Andover CFC grid

Source: Ocado

Ocado’s CFC grid in Andover

Ocado Retail is rolling out a new shopper insights product to suppliers, within its new insights platform Beet by Ocado.

The product – Beet Insights – will provide “the deepest and broadest customer shopping insights available in the UK” Ocado said.

Beet by Ocado replaces the online grocer’s former insights platform Crunch, and has been in use by some suppliers for several months.

Beet Insights – which was built within six months – has been built using Salesforce analytics platform Tableau, and offers six new modules, namely: Performance, Promotions, Customer Behaviour, Operations, Web Analytics and Zoom by Ocado (Ocado’s one-hour delivery service).

“Utilising this in-house data, suppliers will have access to the same rich customer insights as Ocado’s buying team,” the company said. “This helps facilitate smoother collaboration between Ocado and its suppliers, implementing insight learnings across promotions and range.”

According to Ocado, suppliers using its insights have grown 4% more than their competitors.

“Our market-leading customer data has long been the heartbeat of our business, allowing us to react to trends in real time and make impactful, data-driven decisions,” said Jack Johnson, head of supplier services at Ocado Retail.

“We are delighted to be launching Beet Insight, the first product under our new Beet by Ocado supplier offering, providing our suppliers with access to rich customer insights. With Tableau’s best-in-class visualisation capabilities, together with our market-leading insights, we empower suppliers to quickly identify opportunities to grow their brands and optimise their strategy on Ocado to maximise their commercial performance.”

Ocado suppliers The Grocer spoke to about Beet by Ocado said the data was easy to navigate and use and was more comprehensive than that offered by other supermarkets.

“The overall view is good,” one said. “It’s a valuable tool.”

However, the new insights platform is understood to have come at an increased cost to suppliers.

“They repackage and rename it every couple of years to justify it,” the supplier added.

Another supplier said: ”We don’t use Crunch or Beet, in fact we duck all of their tools, even when threatened by a delist for doing so, having failed to see any return on investment when forced to use some of them when we were listed.

“My belief is that it’s all just a back-door way to get listing fees.”