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Reusable packaging grocery firm Dizzie – formerly known as Good Club – has launched a B2B “packaging as a service” offering to brands and retailers.

The model involves Dizzie handling the cleaning and repackaging of goods, as well as delivery and collection if required. The company is also offering its products and packaging as a white label service to other businesses.

Dizzie is already working with Milk & More, supplying 12 SKUs on their one million weekly deliveries.

The company – which launched its own refillable range in 2020 as Good Club – has also launched new packaging designs and added further automation to its ‘Reuse Hub’ where sortation, cleaning, filling and labelling take place. It has also launched what it calls Reuse OS, which is able, using RFID tags and tracking through the warehouse, to automatically reconcile returns with customers accounts, improve return rates through data driven communications, and alert customers that a product may be nearing its best before date.

The offering is multi-category: dry food is available now, with another category due to be available next year.

“Dizzie is both solving the waste problem and driving rapid new category growth with retail partners. Our plug and play solution is flexible and scalable, offering any retailer or brand the opportunity to transition to reusable packaging rapidly,” said Dizzie founder Ben Patten.

“With great design and advances in both digital and materials technology we are creating an affordable and aspirational proposition that speaks to all shoppers and radically reduces their footprint. We have just passed our first million items of packaging saved, but by working with industry we can see a clear path to saving a billion items.”

The company, which has raised more than £5m to date from investors including Mustard Seed, Vala Capital, Sustainable Ventures, Green Angel Syndicate and Portfolio Ventures, is opening up a crowdfund via Crowdcube this month.

The recent rebrand to Dizzie from Good Club was made to “position the brand and the concept of reusable packaging as a mainstream concept” the company said.

“While the Good Club brand served us well, we have evolved into a business with an increasing goal to draw in more mainstream consumers, who are motivated to reduce plastic and packaging waste,” Patten said. “The previous name had some negative associations, the exclusivity of the club and the clear virtue signalling. Dizzie is a nod to the circular model and a more irreverent identity to bring some joy and fun into inspiring an important consumer act”.