What does it take to make dandruff control sexy? Nurses cavorting in a shower with a naked man, according to P&G.

Its steamy new Head & Shoulders TV ad is designed to educate consumers about "the sensual experiences" created by its products' fragrances.

The new commercial, which is on air now, features a hunky footballer who is joined in the shower by six sexy nurses who sing to him about the smell and benefits of the range. The end frame carries a 'Making heads happier' strapline.

The "flirtatious" new brand personality would help position the brand as a treat for the nose as well as the scalp, P&G said. "The campaign adds a playful edge to the brand and will help it appeal to a wider consumer group, as well as entertain them," said P&G trade communications manager Paul Lettice.

The TV ad, which will run from now until the end of August, is being supported by online, outdoor and press advertising.