Post Office

Post Office

With more than 11,500 branches, Post Office has the biggest retail network in the UK, with more branches than all the banks and building societies combined.

Research shows that visits to the Post Office help drive another 400 million visitors to other shops, restaurants and local businesses equating to an estimated £1.1 billion in additional revenue for High Street businesses.

99.7% of the population live within three miles of a Post Office; and 4,000 branches are open seven days a week. Post Office is the only retailer with a presence in each nation and in every community across the United Kingdom.

Looking to the future, Post Office has set out its priorities to continue to fulfil its purpose: ‘We’re here, in person, for the people who rely on us.’

This means prioritising strong, trusting and rewarding relationships with Postmasters - a franchise firmly rooted in true partnership, with mutually reinforcing benefits for Post Office Limited and Postmasters.

Innovation in mails is key, working with more carriers and delivering more of what consumers want and small businesses need.

Alongside this, it will ensure free, convenient and reliable access to cash in every community.

Post Office will also build commercial partnerships, to launch new products and services in branches and online.

Post Office continues to occupy a place of trust and continuity in the minds of many and provides unparalleled reach across the country.