Key to any CSR initiative is having core principles and a robust, yet focused, strategy in place. In this article we explore how Ferrero, through its flagship CSR project Joy of Moving, inspires children to get active

Corporate social responsibility programmes are an important way that companies can deliver a positive impact in their local communities while bringing to life their company values. The CSR initiatives and the programmes a company activates also play a key role in enabling retailers and consumers alike to really get under the skin of companies and understand what they stand for.

For UK FMCG companies, programmes that promote active lifestyles are becoming important in light of the UK’s Chief Medical Officer’s guidance to encourage children to be more active. In the UK, 55% of children do not meet the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines for taking part in sport and physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day. Research also reveals the biggest factor that prevents children getting active in school years three to six is that they do not move if they are not enjoying the activity.

For Ferrero, corporate social responsibility has been at the heart of the business since its creation and is inherent in everything it does. And encouraging an active lifestyle is one of Ferrero’s three global nutritional principles that underpin the business and it recognises that, as a responsible company, it has a role to play in inspiring a passionate approach to moving.


Inspiring active lifestyles

Ferrero’s flagship CSR project, the Joy of moving programme, launched in line with its principles, was designed to inspire active lifestyles among children in local UK communities. The programme is based on a unique, expert-backed methodology that inspires children to get active using a fun and playful approach while encouraging the development of key skills in four areas: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions, and creativity and life skills.

The unique Joy of moving methodology was created by Dr Caterina Pesce and her team at Foro Italico University and was developed in collaboration with leading education and research bodies and Italy’s National Olympic Committee. The methodology has been widely validated as an educational model in physical activity with innovative features; a key element that makes the methodology unique is its replicability.

Today, the methodology continues to underpin Ferrero’s Joy of moving programme in the UK, but also the company’s counterpart programmes across the world .

Philippe Steyaert, managing director for Ferrero UK & Ireland, comments: “In line with our nutritional principles, we’re passionate about getting children of all ages and abilities active. By encouraging kids to get moving through our programme that is centred around a unique methodology focused on fun and play, we hope to inspire a long-lasting and positive impact in children’s attitudes towards activity.”


Positive impact in UK schools

The programme, which is unbranded in the UK, is designed to teach children how to enjoy moving and become active through the medium of play to encourage them to lead active lifestyles in the future. Ferrero works together with the English Football League Trust (EFL Trust), to develop the programme consisting of two in-school projects – Move & Learn and the Joy of moving Festivals.

Each project is delivered in more than 650 schools, in partnership with the EFL Trust and Scottish Professional Football League Trust (SPFL Trust) and their network of Club Community Organisations (CCOs). The programme combines education on nutrition, hydration and wellbeing, along with fun and physical games to encourage movement and activities in young people.

Over the last couple of years, companies have had to pivot and adapt their programmes as many activities were unable to take place during the pandemic. Ferrero was no exception. The company was eager to continue supporting families across the nation, but with restrictions in place, it had to adapt to develop an alternative way for parents to access the programme.

In light of this, their online Resource Hub provided parents with freely accessible games and activities to help to inspire them to get their families moving and active right from home. Like the in-school materials, all content on the hub that is designed for use by children is unbranded.

Working in collaboration

Ferrero also believes that supporting national sports institutions and associations is crucial in getting children active. That’s why, to have a real impact in the local communities across the UK, they are proud to develop and deliver the programme as part of a long-term charity partnership with the EFL Trust and SPFL Trust, and their expansive network of Club Community Organisations (CCOs) and coaches.

Steyaert continues: “Through our long-standing partnership with the EFL Trust and SPFL Trust, we’re proud of the success the Joy of moving programme has achieved. Over the last nine years, we have inspired over 450,000 children to get active, and delivered over two million hours of learning in schools. The Joy of moving programme has demonstrated real longevity and impact, this year we aim to inspire over 78,000 children in the UK to get active and to discover a joyful approach to moving.

“From the unique methodology that underpins the entire programme, to the high-quality delivery by our charity partners, we are committed to ensuring children continue to be inspired to lead an active lifestyle, in line with our values and principles.”


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