Confectionery companies have a role to play in offering guidance and support on the treats they create. Find out why portion size can play a vital role in thoughtful treating.

While health and wellbeing are at the centre of many consumers’ focus in the post-pandemic market, the UK still loves to enjoy life’s little luxuries from time to time.

The ability to self-treat in an enjoyable and responsible way has long been associated with the mantra of ‘enjoying everything in moderation’.

Consultant registered dietitian, Helen Bond, says: “As a dietitian, I don’t like labelling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It’s more helpful to think about good or bad diets. All foods can have a place in a balanced and varied diet – it’s about how much and how often we’re eating them.”

In fact, this is in line with the nutritional principles of confectionery company Ferrero who believes that all foods can be eaten in small portions, in moderation, as part of a balanced and varied diet.

For over 70 years, through its iconic brands, Ferrero has been creating high-quality products such as Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Kinder and Thorntons. And while during this time it has evolved and launched many new products, one thing has remained the same: the company’s commitment to responsible consumption.

From small-portioned and individually wrapped products to clear labelling and the way in which it markets its brands, it’s all about helping consumers savour those treating moments; Ferrero celebrates this approach through its ‘Thoughtful Treating’ initiative.


A treat from start to finish

Ferrero has always been passionate about crafting high-quality treats to bring joy to its consumers, while encouraging responsible consumption.

A responsible approach to how Ferrero markets its products has been a key element in helping consumers to make appropriate and informed choices about what they buy and consume. For example, the company takes care to show its brands being enjoyed in moderation in all its advertising and marketing communications, whether it’s a bar of Kinder chocolate or a Ferrero Rocher.

“Life is about balance and treating moments are there to be enjoyed - that’s why we encourage our consumers to savour their unique and delicious treats thoughtfully. From when a shopper sees one of our brands on TV or whilst browsing the aisle, to the moment they have one of their favourite products, our ‘Thoughtful Treating’ approach ensures we consider the whole treating experience.” says Jason Sutherland, sales director for Ferrero UK & Ireland.


A sensory experience

Professor Barry Smith, founding director of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, has joined forces with Ferrero as part of its ‘Thoughtful Treating’ panel to explain how a single treat really delivers on the pleasurable experience consumers are after. 89% of consumers say that great taste is the number one priority when purchasing chocolate (MMR, 2021).

In fact, Barry explains that: “Premium chocolate made from high quality ingredients has a more complex taste profile, so each bite takes you on a multifaceted taste journey, and it is important to take a moment to savour all the flavours and textures.

“Enjoying a treat is about the whole experience. From unwrapping a chocolate and feeling the texture of the packaging, to eating slowly and taking in the layers of flavours, treating should be pleasurable and thoughtful. By slowing down and noticing the multisensory sequence we go through when thoughtfully eating, we realise why one small portioned treat is enough.”


The importance of portion size

Since the start, Ferrero has supported its consumers in making thoughtful choices by creating small, individually wrapped portions. Small portions help people to enjoy their favourite treats as part of a balanced diet. In fact, almost half of UK adults (46%) say small treat portion sizes are important to them (Opinium, 2021). That’s why over 92% of Ferrero’s products come in portions of less than 150kcal.

Helen Bond, who is also part of Ferrero’s ‘Thoughtful Treating’ panel continues: “Larger helpings can quickly increase the calorie content of a family’s diet, that’s why it’s important to stick to portion size recommendations and opt for smaller sized treats.

”The more food brands can do to make it easier for shoppers, the better – from helping consumers understand the nutritional and calorie values of their food products to offering smaller and individually wrapped portions, arming people with the information and tools they need to make thoughtful choices is an important part of the shopper journey.”

In fact, research has shown that nearly two-thirds (64%) of parents agree that confectionery companies have a role to play in offering guidance and support on the treats the company creates (OnePoll, 2022).

Sutherland concludes: “Our commitment to ‘Thoughtful Treating’ ensures that we take thoughtful steps in our approach to help our consumers celebrate life’s special moments with our products.

“We feel privileged that our brands like Kinder and Ferrero Rocher have become family favourites across the UK. With this comes a responsibility to make products that have quality at heart – delivering not only great taste but products that are produced in line with our nutritional approach.” 

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