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Source: Bestway

The wholesaler has also increased the size of the Bestway Chilled Distribution by 50%

Bestway has converted 23 of its 62 depots to delivery hubs that will process all of its delivered wholesale orders.

The cash & carry giant said it was taking delivery out of the remaining depots in which it would be able to offer an improved shopping experience.

The Depot Hub project has been under way for a year and is set to be completed shortly. The selected depots now have fast-pick areas and increased numbers of loading bays in order to improve delivery efficiency. Local customers will still be able to use a click-and-collect service at the hubs, and all depots will remain open to traditional cash & carry customers.

Bestway said the non-delivery branches will also now have additional room to improve the collection service.

The wholesaler said it has also carried out a number of other improvements to its delivered operations. It has increased the size of the Bestway Chilled Distribution by 50%, allowing it to introduce a further 1,500 chilled lines. It said it was also able to offer better date-life and pricing for retailers on some chilled and bakery lines by routing them through one central location.

The wholesaler confirmed it has also introduced a common range of 5,000 products across all its depots in a move it said would ensure consistency of range among its most popular products.

“With 44% of the Bestway business now delivered, it’s been important for us to optimise our supply chain and delivery structure to ensure the customer has the best possible experience and maximum choice of products and ways to shop, whether they are delivered or shopping in-depot,” said Bestway Wholesale head of operations Ashar Rehman.