Revealed: Less than half of Brits now eat bread daily

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This article is part of our 2016 Bread & Baked Goods digital feature

Bread consumption has sunk to a new low with less than half of Brits eating it every day, an exclusive consumer poll for The Grocer has revealed.

Forty five per cent now eat bread daily, down from 52% a year ago, according to a poll of 2,116 consumers by Harris Interactive. The decline is being driven by women, 41% of whom now have bread at least once a day, versus 50% of British men.

Bread is also markedly less popular among younger consumers, our research reveals. Just over a third (35%) of Brits aged between 16 and 24 eat bread every day, while 54% of those aged over 55 do so. Regional differences also stand out, with the Welsh most likely to eat bread daily.

How often do you eat bread? 

Every day45.4%50.0%41.0%35.4%35.9%44.0%45.7%53.9%
Every few days35.0%32.9%37.0%38.4%36.8%40.1%35.8%30.0%
About once a week9.9%8.9%10.8%13.7%11.7%8.5%10.0%8.5%
Less than once a week7.3%5.8%8.8%11.1%10.3%6.0%7.1%5.6%
 ScotlandNorth EastNorth WestYorkshireMidlandsWalesSouth WestEast of EnglandLondonSouth East
Every day41.1%37.4%50.1%46.3%48.0%56.8%41.2%50.2%38.3%44.8%
Every few days38.0%46.5%33.5%39.9%36.1%33.3%34.3%28.9%36.7%30.6%
About once a week7.6%9.6%9.3%8.0%9.4%4.4%10.3%13.5%10.2%12.9%
Less than once a week9.4%5.1%5.9%4.1%5.2%4.2%10.2%7.1%11.6%8.3%

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