Weetabix is updating its Ready Brek brand for the convenience age by launching the original variant in individual sachets for the first time, as well as extending the range to appeal to a younger generation.
Ready Brek Original, which Weetabix first launched in 1957, is now available in a pack of eight single-serve sachets with an rsp of £1.49.
Weetabix said the new format tapped into growing demand for convenient hot cereals that can be easily served and heated in the microwave.
Hot cereals grew in value by 36% year-on-year, according to IRI [52 w/e July 9, 2005].
Weetabix is also looking to attract more children to the category with Ready Brek Swirls - individual sachets of the wholegrain oat cereal available in chocolate and strawberry varieties (£1.69 for eight sachets). Targeted at mums, the products have a swirl effect when stirred and will go head-to-head with Quaker’s Oatso Simple range, which recently added a raspberry flavour.
Swirls join Ready Brek Seriously Oaty, a range of oats in sachets that the company launched last year for the adult market, and ensures the company targets all sectors.
“Hot is the fastest-growing sector in the UK cereal market,” said Weetabix chief executive Ken Wood. “More than 1.3 million new households bought hot cereals this season through sachets and it is clear that convenience is a key driver of this growth, combined with the acknowledged health benefits of both oats and wholegrain.”