Pick your own offer waitrose

Waitrose has insisted that its customers will still benefit after it decided to pull the plug on its Pick Your Own Offers scheme.

The retailer will end the initiative, whereby myWaitrose cardholders can get 20% off every time they buy their 10 pre-selected lines, on 28 February.

A note issued to customers this week stated: “We are making it easier for customers to make savings and will now be providing tailored vouchers and personalised offers with a focus on their favourite products.”

These tailored vouchers will either be sent out to customers at home several times a year while others will be given out at the checkout, depending on their individual preferences.

It is also looking to roll out vouchers via email and online.

A spokesman told The Grocer that it would be able to tailor the vouchers better using data from the MyWaitrose card and explained that up until now the vouchers printed at the till have been more campaign-driven rather than linked to customer favourites, which would result in customers getting offers on products they may be interested in.

Asked whether customers who were still keeping on top of their Pick Your Own Offer options and regularly buying them would now miss out on savings, he said: “We are responding to feedback from customers who wanted us to make it simpler for them to save with us, so we are confident customers will benefit.”

The move has received complaints from Waitrose shoppers on social media. One Twitter user called Oleg Belov posted: “The my@waitrose Pick Your Own Offers is only confusing, if you’re a complete moron. Keep it going @waitrose, be different.”

Another, Markpink said: “What a retrograde move. I don’t want vouchers - I want you to take the money off.”