Xampla Britvic Partnership Release

Source: Xampla

The bottles protect vitamins within liquid, stopping them from being broken down by sunlight

Britvic has joined forces with Xampla to develop a new technology which can protect vitamins within fortified drinks from sunlight.

Following 15 years of research, the University of Cambridge-backed tech company has developed a “revolutionary” pea protein-based microscopic capsule that protects vitamins within liquid when placed in a bottle, stopping them from being broken down by sunlight.

The project, funded by a £1m Innovate UK grant, was “critical to delivering drinks fortified with vitamins in clear plastic bottles”, said Xampla. 

This was because clear bottles let in more UV rays than coloured ones, losing the necessary protection for vitamin D, it added.

Britvic last year moved Fruit Shoot and 7up into clear bottles to drive up recycling rates. It comes after the soft drinks giant recently started adding vitamins B, C and D to Robinsons Fruit & Barley.

The partnership with Xampla would support Britvic’s ‘Healthier People, Healthier Planet’ strategy, said Britvic director of sustainable business Sarah Webster.

Xampla technology had “the makings of a ‘win-win’, enabling delivery of greater nutritional value in the drinks people love, while ensuring that more products can come to market in clear, recyclable bottles”, she added.

It comes after Gousto last year trialled an “industry-first” edible stock cube wrapper, made in partnership with Xampla.

The trial kits – for making an Indian Spiced Carrot & Lentil soup recipe – sold out “within one hour of going on sale”, the tech company claimed.