Source: Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett has launched a new range of mineral sunscreen

Holland & Barrett has made its entire suncare range ‘reef-safe’ by banning the sale of all products containing ocean-polluting ingredients.

The health & wellness retailer now only offers mineral suncare products across its full range after banning items containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate from its stores and website.

Research has shown the two ingredients, which are often used in regular chemical sunscreens, are linked to damage to marine wildlife such as coral reefs.

“As a business that cares about the wellness of people and our planet, we’re constantly looking at ways to help make beauty shopping more sustainable,” said H&B beauty trading director Jo Cooke.

“When countries started banning chemical suncare ingredients we felt we had to act too. This move gives our beauty customers a range where they do not have to make a choice between being environment-safe or skin-safe in the sun.”

Last August, Thailand announced it was banning the use of chemical sunscreens from all its marine national parks. Similar legislation has been introduced by Hawaii in the US and the Pacific island of Palau.

Holland & Barrett has also launched its own “easy to apply” sunscreen range in SPFs 15, 30 and 50, which is now available in stores and online. All product packaging is made from recycled plastic.

It has kept mineral suncare products from other brands such as Ultrasun, Sukin, Moogoo, Jason and Green People on shelves.

Jo Ruxton, founder of ocean conservation charity Ocean Generation, said: “Our ocean has been bombarded with toxic chemicals following decades of industrial and agricultural waste pouring into it.

“Now we know the damage these can do, every step we can take to prevent it worsening is critical.

“We hope other retailers will follow Holland & Barrett in banning chemical sun protection lotion so that everyone can play a bigger role in protecting ocean health, which is so vital for all living things.”

Nicola Bridge, head of ocean advocacy and engagement at the Ocean Conservation Trust, said: “We are really excited to hear that Holland & Barrett is taking this huge step to support a thriving ocean.”