As it came under fresh fire for its treatment of suppliers, Tesco has launched a new interactive platform which it claims will encourage “collaboration, innovation, and sustainability” across its global supply chain.

The Tesco Supplier Network was launched this week by the retailer’s new head of commercial, Jason Tarry, and will link buyers and producers to a raft of information on issues such as energy use, food waste, and innovation.

“Strong relationships and partnerships with suppliers and producers are critical to producing great products for customers,” said Tarry. “The network will play an integral part in our partnerships with suppliers to deliver for our customers.”

The Tesco site brings together its Tesco Producer Network, which served fresh food producers, and the Tesco Knowledge Hub, which was open to branded manufacturing and processing suppliers, into one site.

Suppliers who join the site will be able to connect directly to Tesco teams, learn more about Tesco’s strategy, and find peers facing similar challenges. Tesco says the site will also help members to harness shared buying power and innovation resources.

“The new supplier network will bring much-needed scale to many of the sustainability challenges facing modern business,” said Stuart McLachlan, CEO of Anthesis, the consultancy which set up the site. “We look forward to identifying and developing practical solutions to many of the supply-base challenges through this new community.”