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Waitrose.com gets more positive than negative comments

Customer feedback about Waitrose’s website has improved dramatically over the past two years.

After analysing millions of comments made on online forums and social media sites, market research group Spectrum Insight said Waitrose’s website was the only supermarket site to attract more positive than negative comment from shoppers online.

Teething problems after it relaunched in 2011 made it the most criticised of the supermarket sites that year.

“Consumer response to the website improved dramatically through to about one year ago, since when it’s consistently been seen as the best of all the supermarkets’ sites,” said Spectrum director Mark Westaby.

Waitrose responded quickly to criticisms in spring 2011 with a series of upgrades in the second half of the year to improve its search function and navigation. It has continued to improve the site since and earlier this month took it down for 24 hours to make further improvements.

“It’s great to see that shoppers are enjoying Waitrose.com. It’s a real tribute to our partners who are delivering fantastic service in the online arena,” said a Waitrose spokeswoman.