Source: PML

Philip Morris (PML) has launched its first disposable vape device onto the UK market.

The Veeba device is available in nine flavours with a nicotine strength of 1.8% (20mg/ml).

The device launch follows an international licensing agreement signed by Philip Morris International (PMI) and Kaival Brands International, which distributes US bestselling disposable device Bidi Stick.

PML, the affiliate of PMI in the UK and Ireland, said every production batch of its devices receives a certificate of analysis (COA) and is subject to regular, randomised checks to ensure devices have the correct liquid composition and nicotine content.

The launch comes in the wake of segment-leading disposable brand ElfBar having supplied over-regulation capacity devices to the UK market. Last month, the UK’s biggest-selling disposable vape brand was stripped from shelves at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, after products were found to contain 50% more than the regulation maximum amount of nicotine liquid. This was the result of over-sized tanks having been “inadvertently fitted” to UK-bound product, the Chinese-owned brand said. A voluntary withdrawal is now underway.

“Veeba demonstrates that a responsible disposable e-vapour device can fulfil the needs of existing adult nicotine users and generate returns for retailers, all while striving for excellence in quality, compliance, and sustainability,” said Kate O’Dowd, head of commercial planning for PML.

O’Dowd added that PMI had invested billions into ensuring “every product adheres to the highest manufacturing standards and strict quality control measures, with Veeba no exception”.

“Retailers can feel assured that by listing Veeba, they are stocking a smoke-free product that adheres to local laws and in many cases, strives to go even further,” she said.

The device features a “compact and ergonomic design finished in a premium soft-touch aluminium body, that can be used and recycled” the company said.

The company added Veeba’s packaging, device and flavour descriptors “have been specifically designed to appeal to adult smokers only” and it has “not been commercialised with flavour descriptors that may appeal to youth, such as images or descriptions of candies or desserts, or brightly coloured or flashy devices or packaging”.

“It’s clear the disposable segment within the e-vapour category is growing exponentially for adult tobacco and nicotine users in the UK,” said Duncan Cunningham, external affairs director at PML.

“PML is responding to the immediate need for a smoke-free offer to be commercialised responsibly, and that is sustainable, trust-worthy and reliable. By doing so, we aim to increase adult smokers’ and nicotine users’ access to responsible, disposable e-vapour devices that actively contribute to reducing the harm from smoking, while limiting the appeal and use among unintended audiences, particularly youth,” Cunningham added.

The devices are priced at £4.99 per stick, and are available at select wholesalers and via PML’s online trade platform. The products come with a “strong introductory offer for retailers”, PML said.

Philip Morris first announced its intention to move into the disposable vaping segment last June. Veeba was launched in Canada the following month and is the lowest-priced disposable vape on the Canadian market.