Source: Ubamarket

The new mechanism means shoppers can check out anywhere in store

Ubamarket has enhanced its till-less payment mechanism for its Scan, Pay, Go app as a way of helping convenience retailers stay competitive against ‘just walk out’ stores.

Usually, shoppers can bypass the till but would still need to scan a QR code in store – either on the wall or on a self-checkout screen – to connect to the tills in order to make an in-app payment.

The new mechanism, however, now means shoppers can check out anywhere in store without having to link up with payment zones, making it an entirely “autonomous and virtual experience”.

“The till is now basically your phone,” Ubamarket CEO Will Broome told The Grocer. “We believe it’s the future. You can now finish your shop wherever you are in the store, tap to pay, your screen goes green, you’ll then get a receipt and you can just walk out of the store.”

Retailers that are nervous about offering shoppers complete autonomy, however, can continue channelling them to checkout zones under the original till-less method, Broome added.

A key feature of the Ubamarket app is an aisle sat-nav that offers customers the most efficient route through the store to items on their shopping list. It can also provide allergen alerts and personalised offers.

“It’s just like ‘just walk out’ but with a magic shopping list to go with it,” added Broome. “What’s more, ‘just walk out’ stores can only operate with relatively small product numbers, whereas Ubamarket is unlimited.”

Broome added: “It’s far more cost-effective too, with no hardware costs, making it a much cheaper, affordable solution that’s available to all retailers – no matter what size or turnover.”