Cereal brands had a consistent presence on the featured space promotions sections across all retailers in 2006, with 2007 looking set to continue the trend.

When looking back at the Promotrack data captured in 2006, Kellogg's had one or more of its cereal brands on promotion in featured space or secondary locations every week.

The offers captured in store last week (13/14 January) show Kellogg's Special K Bars available in Asda, Morrisons and Somerfield with x for y, Bran Flakes in Sainsbury with 'save' and Fruit and Fibre Bake packs in Somerfield again with 'save'.

Nestlé cereal brands recorded activity for 48 weeks in 2006. Activity last week included offers in three of the main retailers - Morrisons, Somerfield and Sainsbury's. Offers in Morrisons favoured the x for y mechanic except Nestlé Fitness Cereal with 33% extra free, with Sainsbury's and Somerfield both using 'save'.

Weetabix came third in featured space presence last year, having offers available in 44 weeks. Last week Asda offered Weetabix 24-packs with x for y, Alpen and Weetaflakes were present in Somerfield, and Sainsbury's featured Oatibix Bitesize.

Quaker had offers over 42 weeks of last year. Last week's offers were Quaker Oatso Simple on bogof in Morrisons and x for y in Somerfield and Asda.

Jordans was the only other cereal company of note in terms of promotional activity last year, with offers in 11 weeks, but the brand has not recorded any promotions in 2007 so far.

When looking at preferred display types, Kellogg's had 78% of its promotions on gondola ends, 17% on ladder racks and 6% on pallets.

Nestlé followed the same theme with 79% of its offers displayed on gondola ends, 14% on ladder racks and 7% on pallets. Quaker had 67% on gondola ends, 22% on ladder racks and 11% on free-standing display units. Weetabix displays were 78% gondola end and 22% pallet.