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Asda took its fourth Grocer 33 pricing win in a row as even guest retailer Iceland failed to lay a glove on it.

Asda’s £56.62 total was £2.84 cheaper than Morrisons, which took the runner-up spot this week. It offered the lowest price for 22 of the items on our list, with 10 of these cheaper than any of its rivals.

It was exclusively cheapest for the cherry punnet, red onions and Babybel Minis. However, the product that made the biggest difference was the Birds Eye Omega 3 fish fingers. At £3 for the 20-pack, Asda was at least £1 cheaper than any other retailer.

Even with the win, Asda still had to offer our mystery shopper a voucher worth £4.77 as part of its Price Guarantee scheme.

Morrisons was exclusively cheapest for the Captain Morgan rum and the Dolmio pasta bake but its price of £4.72 was considerably more expensive than its rivals for the fish fingers.

Iceland’s £61.02 total was £4.40 more expensive than Asda, a difference of 7.8%. The last time Iceland appeared, in October, it was just 22p more expensive than Asda. Iceland offered the lowest price for 13 products but was only exclusively cheapest for three lines - the Colman’s parsley sauce mix, Heck sausages and Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls.

Tesco was £8.18 more expensive than Asda this week. However, had our shopper been able to buy all 33 items, she would have received a Brand Guarantee discount of £6.55. This would have taken Tesco’s total down to £58.25, just £1.63 more than the Walmart-owned retailer.

Sainsbury’s slipped from second last week to a distant fifth this week. At 69.18 it was £12.56 more expensive than Asda. Waitrose was £15.32 dearer than Asda at £71.94.