Tesco fruit veg aisle (2)

Source: Spectrum Photography

Tesco Riverside Dundee made a ‘great first impression’ on our shopper

Tesco was a rarity this week, scoring highly for good service as the rest of the field floundered on this Sunday morning shop.

Tesco Riverside Dundee scored 81, making “a great first impression” with excellent facilities throughout. Our mystery shopper enjoyed the numerous promos and found the store “very clean and bright”.

There were some empty shelves which brought down the average availability score. Two items were out of stock and one item was not stocked.

Fortunately, the staff helped by checking the electronic system for missing items and suggesting helpful alternatives. As a result, the store scored full points for floor service.

The layout was a drawback though. Some items were stocked around the end of an aisle so the products were not all in the same place. Our shopper found this “frustrating”.

Queues were long but the checkout service was “polite and helpful” and not rushed.

At Morrisons Liverpool Speke, the issues were more widespread. The store scored 56 points with availability and service both lacking.

Six items were out of stock and five not stocked, meaning only 22 of the 33 items were available. The fruit & vegetable section was especially empty, while a freezer was out of order.

Staff were scarce, but when found were “smiley, friendly and happy to help”. They knew where to find items and whether they were stocked. Sufficient tills were open, and the checkout service was “friendly”.

The store was also clean and tidy. According to our shopper, “I didn’t see any litter or spillages anywhere and the stock was well presented”.

Sainsbury’s Leicester scored 54. It scored well on floor service but lost points on standards and checkout service.

Our shopper was not impressed by the store’s exterior. There was a small display of pot plants outside but many of the flowers were dead.

Once inside, all the staff were “helpful and presented well”. Staff confirmed stock on their handheld devices, as well as consulting colleagues for information. They also offered alternatives to missing items.

However, the checkouts were very busy and so our shopper had to wait between four and five minutes. There was then an error on the receipt.

Next up was Asda with 52 points. Its Walsall store did well on checkout service with the best score this week. But store standards were very poor and shop floor service was weak.

The store felt very small with narrow aisles, according to our shopper, who said the layout was “confusing”.

It was difficult for our shopper to find staff and when found they weren’t deemed to be helpful. There were also two unmanned trolleys in the way of shoppers and several items on the floor.

Our shopper did not have to queue for the checkout, at least, and service was “friendly and efficient”. Asda scored best on availability this week, but one item was out of stock and one item was not stocked.

Last place went to Waitrose Edgware Road with 44 points.

A fridge had broken in the store with a puddle of water on the floor and a second wet area by the milk. These spills were not being attended to. There were a large number of shelves and fridges empty and in need of restocking, and the store looked “shabby”.

Staff had to be prompted to check for stock and gave incorrect answers. Our shopper found one item a worker had said was not stocked.