Poundland is trialling a mid-size Warburtons Toastie loaf that has been exclusively developed for it by the manufacturer.

The 600g product which is midway between a full 800g and half-sized loaf and available in thick or medium slices is on sale in 78 stores.

A Poundland spokeswoman said it would consider rolling it out to the rest of its 323 stores next month if sales were good. Warburtons 800g loaves are sold by the big four for £1.36 and the 400g size for 70p [Brandview.co.uk]. This makes Poundland’s loaf better value per gram.

Rival 99p Stores already sells Kingsmill and Hovis 800g loaves.

Last month, CTN operator Rippleglen accused big confectionery companies of damaging traditional newsagents’ business and devaluing their brands by developing exclusive ­ranges for discounters.