Ahead of HFSS regulation, join us to learn about the three vital elements to consider as you prepare for the changes.

If you’re an FMCG brand in the UK, the HFSS conversation will have come up at some point. 

It’s the elephant in the room. The unwelcome guest that turns up without an invite to every meeting, client lunch, and supplier negotiation.    

But so much of HFSS is still an unknown, with governmental regulations yet to be firmed up and advice on the topic a scarce find.    

We’re here to fill you in on what we know so far to help you to get ahead of this change.  

Join us for this panel discussion where we’ll be exploring:  

  • The context behind HFSS and why it’s a necessary next step for the British public  
  • The ins-and-outs of HFSS – what is it, why should you care about it and what implications will it have on both brands and retailers in the FMCG space?  
  • What brands can do to prepare themselves in the face of so much uncertainty 

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Henry Dimbleby Photo

Henry Dimbleby

Henry Dimbleby was given the role of lead non-executive board member of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in March 2018.

In June 2019 the Environment Secretary appointed Henry Dimbleby to lead the National Food Strategy, which he published in July 2021.



Lottie Unwin

Lottie Unwin, Founder of Copy Club

Lottie Unwin, Founder of Copy Club, is on a mission to give marketeers the chance to access training and a sense of community otherwise way out of reach. Born out of a supper club in 2014, Copy Club is now a community of over 900 entrepreneurial marketeers that get together in casual, fun settings to network, learn and stay inspired.


Annie Henderson

Annie Henderson, head of customer success, ProQuo AI

Annie Henderson is the Head of Customer Success at ProQuo AI - the brand management platform which harnesses the power of AI to enable brands to grow with certainty. Every day, Annie supports brands like Deliciously Ella, Pip & Nut and Tony’s Chocolonely to achieve their growth goals. She is currently working with brands to develop successful strategies for HFSS so they’re in the best position to win.