Source: JJ Foodservice

The Royal Roast coffee will be created for the wholesaler on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

JJ Foodservice has partnered with a third-generation Italian family business to produce a premium coffee for its customers.

The Royal Roast coffee beans will be available for £4.99 per kg and are targeted at coffee shops looking to a serve a high-quality product at an affordable price amid the cost of living crisis.

The coffee, which consists of a blend of arabica and robusta beans, will be created for the wholesaler on the Amalfi Coast in Italy using state-of-the-art machinery.

The company said the beans had been carefully selected from the best coffee-producing countries in South America, Asia, and Africa to produce a roast with an intense aroma of cocoa, dark chocolate, dried fruit and spices.

“With food and drink prices continuing to increase nationwide, we are proud to be able to support independent restaurants, cafés and coffee shops to serve authentic Italian coffee at an affordable price,” said JJ chief product officer Sezer Ozkul.