Tesco and Waitrose follow rivals with banana price rise Subscription

02 Dec 2016 | By Beth Gault

Increasing import costs cited by Tesco as price of iconic SKU rises from 68p to 72p

dole frozen fruit

Dole Foods brings frozen fruit to the UK

01 Dec 2016 | By Beth Gault

The range started rolling into Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores this week


French startup to develop container fruit & veg farms Subscription

28 Nov 2016 | By Kevin White

Agricool is aiming to produce strawberries in 75 containers across France next year


Bananas are latest staple to be hit by Brexit price rises Subscription

28 Nov 2016 | By Kevin White

The increase is the first by any major retailer on the iconic SKU since July 2014 and follows a milk price increase by Asda last month

crosse and blackwell

Crosse & Blackwell canned veg hit by delistings Subscription

17 Nov 2016 | By Kevin White

The seven SKUs have struggled to make headway in a declining canned veg category dominated by own label

Fruit & Veg

Brits must eat more UK-grown fruit & veg, says campaign

08 Nov 2016 | By Ian Quinn

A new report calls on the government to link post-Brexit agricultural subsidies to supporting the public good

waitrose wpnky apples

Waitrose adds apples and pears to 'wonky' fruit & veg range

03 Nov 2016 | By Carolyn Robertson

Waitrose has added weather-blemished apples and pears to its A Little Less than Perfect range of wonky fruit & veg

avocado one use

Avocado craze set to be hit by rising prices

27 Oct 2016 | By Carina Perkins

Consumers splashed out an extra £49m on avocados in the past year

john worth pears

Tesco to launch poached apples and pears to cut waste

27 Oct 2016 | By Beth Gault

The move follows the launch of wonky pears under its Perfectly Imperfect range last week

ross goatham

AC Goatham exits English Apples & Pears Subscription

27 Oct 2016 | By Kevin White

The decision was taken “following a lengthy review”

David Shapley

Former Grocer fresh produce editor David Shapley dies aged 77

25 Oct 2016 | By Kevin White

David Shapley was credited with transforming The Grocer’s coverage of the fresh produce sector

berries one use

Mexican fruit workers urge Driscoll's berries boycott Subscription

20 Oct 2016 | By Beth Gault

Consumers have been asked to boycott Driscoll’s strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries

Fowler Welch Teynham

Fowler Welch partners with FareShare to reduce food waste

20 Oct 2016 | By Kevin White

Fowler Welch has signed an agreement to supply redistribution charity FareShare

Nick Hay Fowler Welch

Calais and pound deterring European hauliers says Fowler Welch Subscription

17 Oct 2016 | By Kevin White

Haulier issues could contribute to food price inflation, warns logistics operator

Waitrose ghost pumpkin

Waitrose launches pale ‘ghost’ pumpkins for Halloween Subscription

14 Oct 2016 | By Beth Gault

The “eerie” veg is in selected stores alongside the returning Gourd pumpkins

natoora shop

Natoora opens 'shop within a shop' in Selfridges food hall

06 Oct 2016 | By Kevin White

The ‘shop within a shop’ builds on the brand’s ambition “to make better-tasting fruit & vegetables available to everyone”

Greenvale potatoes

Produce Investments looking to broaden into other veg Subscription

29 Sep 2016 | By Kevin White

Potato and daffodil supplier delivers “robust” results despite challenging market

tesco vitamin d mushrooms

Tesco launches vitamin D-enriched mushrooms for winter

28 Sep 2016 | By Carina Perkins

Launch follows warnings from health experts Brits are not getting enough vitamin D


Fruitspot fruit & veg online marketplace goes live

27 Sep 2016 | By Kevin White

The site has already attracted more than 600 users, its founders claim


Gala and Braeburn set to aid continued apple yield boom Subscription

26 Sep 2016 | By Kevin White

Cox yields continue to decline as consumer tastes switch to sweeter apples


Russell Smith Farms unveils Savoursmiths luxury crisps

19 Sep 2016 | By Daniel Selwood

The new brand hopes to offer ‘a better class of crisp’

farmdrop delivery

Farmdrop to host ‘Farmology’ educational push on food origins

13 Sep 2016 | By Emma Weinbren

Delivery service is trying to encourage people to think about where their food comes from

Apples_single use

Tesco looks to extend apple 'flavour-life' with research project

08 Sep 2016 | By Beth Gault

The retailer has teamed up with Cranfield University for the research

gareth jones great fruit adventure

Waitrose and Fairtrade back food duo's Fruit Adventure Subscription

01 Sep 2016 | By Carolyn Robertson

Max MacGillivray and Gareth Jones will ride motorbikes from London to Cape Town

ugly tomato

Ugly fruit and veg is beautiful

14 Nov 2016 | By Ellis Hawthorne

Primping and preening our dinners to make them camera-ready for Instagram is now a national pastime, but only with the right-looking type of veg


Poor weather drives up pineapple prices Subscription

08 Sep 2016 | By Daniel Selwood

Food crime specialist Chris Elliott has warned that processed pineapple products are increasingly vulnerable to fraud


Tomato prices soar 36% due to bad weather in Europe Subscription

02 Sep 2016 | By Kevin White

Adverse weather conditions across Europe during the spring have led to a tightening in tomato supplies

wonky veg art one use

Is the wonky veg revolution happening at last?

28 Jul 2016 | By Ian Quinn

Shoppers have embraced imperfect produce. Will it last, and how much more waste could be stopped?


'Killer salad': time for a more careful approach to comms Subscription

22 Jul 2016 | By Carina Perkins

With reports of ‘killer salad leaves’ hitting the UK headlines this week, growers and packers are starting to get nervous

juice one use

Brazil heat drives up juicing orange prices Subscription

20 Jul 2016 | By Liliana Minton

A spike in prices for Brazilian processing oranges is threatening to push up the cost of juice

simon jones quote web

Can fruit imagery be authentic as well as appealing? Subscription

07 Jul 2016 | By Simon Jones

Marketers are acutely aware consumers have become more and more attuned to fakery

lidl fruit and veg

NFU pledge is an easy win for retailers – so why aren’t they signing up?

21 Jun 2016 | By James Halliwell

Slow progress, considering the pledge was launched in 2012. Is something wrong with it? 

tesco fruit and veg aisle

Sales of wonky fruit & veg are 'flying' at Tesco

27 May 2016 | By Ian Quinn, Carina Perkins

UK consumers are being won round by supermarket efforts to sell so-called ‘wonky’ fruit & veg

farm care dig grow

Countryfile goes vegetarian for tales of innovation and doubt Subscription

27 May 2016 | By Megan Tatum

At first glance, life for the UK’s vegetable growers looks suitably idyllic

berries one use

Berry boom 'needs supply integration' says Rabobank Subscription

03 May 2016 | By Carina Perkins

Supermarkets and suppliers need to look towards integration if they want to cash in on the category

fruit and veg aisle one use

Are supermarkets to blame for falling fruit & veg sales? Subscription

29 Apr 2016 | By Carina Perkins

Retailers are working hard on availability and affordability, but with consumption down on a decade ago, the NFU wants action

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