hydrogen fuel pump

Sainsbury's in supermarket first selling hydrogen fuel

31 Oct 2014 | By Andrew Don

Sainsbury’s is set to become the first supermarket to sell hydrogen on its forecourts for the new generation of environmen…

sainsburys shop door

Sainsbury's challenges suppliers on convenience store stocks

31 Oct 2014 | By Andrew Don

Sainsbury’s has laid down the gauntlet to suppliers to meet the challenges of an evolving £37.4bn convenience sector…

Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge becomes Sainsbury's ambassador

29 Oct 2014 | By Andrew Don

Sainsbury’s has netted top soccer ace Daniel Sturridge, striker for both England and Liverpool, as a company ambassador.

Sainsbury's petrol station

Sainsbury’s to install hydrogen car fuelling station in Hendon

28 Oct 2014 | By Andrew Don

Sainsbury’s is poised to become the first supermarket to dispense hydrogen for a new generation of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Sainsbury's HGV

Sainsbury's website glitch delays festive food ordering

25 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s Christmas food ordering service went live this week after “issues” delayed the service’s website…

food waste

FareShare chief slams lack of action on food waste Subscription

24 Oct 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Just half a dozen companies in the food industry have introduced effective systems to divert food destined to become waste…

sainsbury's exterior

Sainsbury's shakes up its property team

18 Oct 2014 | By Andrew Don

Sainsbury’s has shaken up its property team so it can continue developing new space in target areas and maximise the value…

Sainsbury's ad

Sainsbury's judicial review fight reaches High Court

17 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s judicial review over the ASA’s decision to clear ads for Tesco’s Price Promise…


Sainsbury’s cuts abv in Prosecco as part of 20x20 plan

15 Oct 2014 | By Daniel Woolfson

Sainsbury’s has reduced the average alcohol content (abv) of its Taste the Difference Prosecco Conegliano.

Sainsbury nectar card

Sainsbury’s to cut Nectar rewards by half

14 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s is set to slash the number of Nectar points customers can earn when shopping.

Sainsbury's 50p challenge

Sainsbury's 50p Challenge part of a 'think customer' drive Subscription

11 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Further details have emerged about Sainsbury’s notorious ‘50p Challenge,…


Sainsbury’s to open Jessops concessions

08 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s has joined forces with Jessops in a deal that will see concessions for the photography chain open in Sainsbury’s stores.

Gluten Free Choc Chip

Walkers adds trio of gluten-free shortbread biscuits Subscription

06 Oct 2014 | By Simon Gwynn

Walkers Shortbread has entered the booming gluten-free market with three new products…

Lidl 50p challenge advert

Lidl unveils ‘50p challenge’ in riposte to Sainsbury’s

02 Oct 2014 | By Jon Yeomans

Lidl has responded to Sainsbury’s infamous ‘50p challenge’ poster earlier this week with a 50p challenge of its own.

Sainsbury's tottenham

Sainsbury’s blames ‘deflationary environment’ as sales fall 2.8%

01 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s has blamed a “deflationary environment” for its second consecutive quarter of negative like-for-like sales.

Sainsbury's 50p Challenge poster

Sainsbury’s draws social media mockery for ‘50p challenge’ poster

30 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s has come under fire on social media after a poster was displayed in one of its stores calling on staff to encourage shoppers to spend an extra 50p.

Sainsbury's petrol station

Sainsbury’s triggers fuel price cuts as petrol reaches 2010 levels

30 Sep 2014 | By Jon Yeomans

Petrol prices are set to fall again for consumers at supermarket forecourts as Sainsbury’s kicked off a new round of price cuts.

sainsbury's Tu label

Sainsbury's adds I Prefer 30 eco-labels to Tu clothing range Subscription

27 Sep 2014 | By Andrew Stone

Sainsbury’s is introducing a new label on its Tu clothing range this season…

brand match

Sainsbury's shifts to a mid-low model pricing strategy

26 Sep 2014 | By Ronan Hegarty

Sainsbury’s has overhauled its pricing strategy and revamped its Brand Match scheme…


Sainsbury's rolls out shopping trolley for disabled children

15 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s is to introduce a new trolley for disabled children in all of its stores following a successful trial.

Sainsbury's Tu

Sainsbury's reveals its online ambitions for Tu clothing range

13 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s is aiming to have 90% of its Tu clothing range online by next year…

Justin King, Sainsbury's

Justin King warns of price rises if Scotland goes independent

12 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Former Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King has warned that supermarket prices could rise in an independent Scotland.


Sainsbury's to relaunch Italian pizza range as stone-baked Subscription

12 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s is relaunching its nine-strong chilled Italian pizza line-up as a By Sainsbury’s range with stone-baked bases…


Digestive biscuits get traditional values with Tuckey's Subscription

12 Sep 2014 | By Lisa Riley

A former McVitie’s marketing director has launched a digestive biscuit made to a ‘traditional’ recipe…

Mars new

Mars rolls out cake bars and branded in-store cookies

07 Sep 2014 | By Helen Gilbert

Mars is next week launching branded cake bars and cookies…


Coupon confusion

23 Oct 2014

Your mystery shopper’s experience at our Whitley Bay store for last week’s Grocer 33 remains a mystery indeed…

Sainsbury's tottenham

Sainsbury's last in Grocer 33 and fails to match Asda too Subscription

17 Oct 2014 | By Adam Leyland

As shoppers ranted online over Sainsbury’s decision to halve the number of points on its Nectar loyalty card this week…

Swiping Nectar Card

Nectar disappointment

16 Oct 2014

As someone that buys grocery shopping each week and reuses their bags but does not drive, I feel I have been hit…

Swiping Nectar Card

Nectar change far from sweet for Sainsbury’s shoppers

14 Oct 2014 | Updated: 15 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Sainsbury’s decision to slash Nectar point rewards in store did not go down well with consumers.

Adrian Clark

Store of the week: Sainsbury's Banbury Subscription

10 Oct 2014 | By James Halliwell

When you come into a new store everyone goes through a process of getting to know each other…

Sainsburys Banbury

Sainsbury's Banbury wins G33 thanks to great availability Subscription

10 Oct 2014 | By Emma Page

Sainsbury’s Banbury had the best availability this week – that’s what made the difference…

Sainsbury's Macclesfield

Sainsbury's Brand Match 2.0 ignores the elephant in the room

04 Oct 2014 | By Adam Leyland

Mike Coupe has promised no stone will be left unturned at the interims in November as he seeks to arrest an alarming deter…

Mike Coupe

Coupe plays for time as he prepares for strategic review Subscription

03 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

New CEO has his work cut out to turn around falling sales…

Sainsbury's 50p Challenge poster

Sainsbury's needs a lot of extra 50 pence pieces to cope with "perfect storm" Subscription

02 Oct 2014 | By Beth Brooks

A sign displayed in the window of Sainsbury’s Stratford store 24 hours before its Q2 update was released inadvertently gave a taste of things to come

Sainsbury's Woolton

Sainsbury's faces City spotlight as shares plummet Subscription

02 Oct 2014 | Updated: 03 Oct 2014 | By Alec Mattinson

If the Tesco crisis dominated the City last week, it was Sainsbury’s turn in the uncomfortable glare of the spotlight this…

Mike Coupe

Are supermarket rights issues on the way? Subscription

01 Oct 2014 | By Alec Mattinson

 How fierce must the ‘perfect storm’ become before the grocers look to the equity markets to bolster their balance sheets?

Sainsbury's petrol station

Fuel price cut suggests Sainsbury's has moved on from 'business as usual' Subscription

30 Sep 2014 | By Alec Mattinson

Petrol prices have opened as a new front in the supermarket price war after aggressive fuel price cuts from three of the big four.

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