Calrsberg Snap Pack

Carlsberg first introduced Snap Pack in 2018

Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company is to invest more than £10m at its Northampton Brewery to double production of its Snap Pack packaging and reduce its water usage.

The upgrades, which are set to go live in the first quarter of next year, include a new machine to package cans in the Snap Pack format, alongside a new laser can encoder and an improved can filler and seamer.

Snap Pack was first launched in 2018, and uses glue dot technology to hold multipack cans together without the need for plastic rings.

The technology has been used across CMBC’s portfolio on brands including Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, San Miguel, Birrificio Angelo Poretti and Brooklyn Pilsner.

CMBC said the investment had the potential to eliminate plastic rings from its four and six-can multipacks by the end of 2024.

As of the end of 2022, 65% of four and six-packs produced in Northampton were held together using Snap Pack.

By replacing its can filler and seamer, Carlsberg would also reduce an estimated 10% of its water usage, equivalent to around 18 million litres every year.

The brewer said the upgrades would help it make progress towards its Together Towards Zero and Beyond ESG programme targets, which include halving its use of virgin fossil-based plastics by 2030 and achieving water usage efficiency of 2.0hl per hl of beer at all of its sites by 2030.

“We take our responsibility as a brewer very seriously and ensuring we reduce our impact on the planet is a hugely important part of this,” said CMBC CEO Paul Davies. “This major investment of more than £10m in Northampton demonstrates our clear commitments to eliminating packaging waste, reducing water waste, and improving efficiency at our breweries.

“By taking ambitious action now, we can deliver on our sustainability goals and enable even more of our innovative Snap Pack multipacks to make their way to consumers.”