The Birds Eye range of promotions has been expanded on the whole with offers available across all five multiples, including frozen meat pies, fish and potatoes.
No new entries have penetrated the cluster of big brand players who are continuing to exert their dominance, although their relative positions have altered marginally from previous weeks.
Despite not holding a significant ranking in the charts this week, the confectionery category has grown in promotional prominence, a growth in part attributed to Mars’ accession to top place in the brand chart with extensive activity in Sainsbury and Asda.
For Valentine’s Day there are prominent offers on gondola ends promoting cross-category sales of wines and confectionery.
Morrisons has succeeded in catching up with Sainsbury in the brand promotion chart.
The latter has been paying particular attention to alcohol.
Own label offers predominantly fall under the chilled category with promotions on pizzas, bacon and ready meal variants.