‘Seriously Helps You To Energize!’ At first glance, it’s a perfectly serviceable - if slightly clumsy - slogan that would work for any gym bunny-friendly food or drink brand.

But witty Canadian Kevin Richards’ protein-packed chocolate company is named for the contraction of that phrase. It’s Shyte, if you haven’t already got it. And though we’d love it to be an innocent mistake, Kev’s clearly in on the fun: his website’s info section is titled ‘know your Shyte’, while the ‘Shyte shows’ page informs users about sampling events.

Predictably, the name has gone down well in Scotland, where a certain toilet-related homophone is in common use, and where both eating confectionery and shouting abuse - the brand’s hashtag is #EatShyte - are beloved traditions.

As a marketing move it’s hard to fault - perhaps a joint campaign with Swedish choc brand Plopp might be in order. Until then, if anyone wants to invest in Bogof’s new gender-specific anti-wrinkle cream venture - Brings All Women Beauty And Grace - send cash.