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Curiosity Cola now contains 3.9g of sugar per 100ml – a 50% drop from its previous recipe

Shoppers have taken to Twitter to complain of Fentimans reformulating its soft drinks to reduce their sugar content. 

The brand has cut the sugar content in its soft drinks by as much as 53% by adding steviol glycosides from stevia to the recipes, research by The Grocer using Assosia data reveals.

Ginger Beer, for example, now contains 3.6g sugar per 100ml – 53.8% less sugar than the previous recipe, which contained 7.8g sugar per 100ml.

Curiosity Cola, meanwhile, contains 3.9g of sugar per 100ml – a 50% drop from its previous sugar content of 7.8g per 100ml.

“It’s pretty disappointing that Fentimans changed their cola recipe, and it now has stevia in it,” one shopper tweeted. “The aftertaste is really bad.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I just can’t stand the taste.”

At the time of writing, Fentimans had not yet responded to requests for comment. 

Fentimans isn’t the only soft drinks player reformulating its recipes to reduce the sugar content. Pepsi last month reformulated its core cola drink, adding a blend of acesulfame potassium and sucralose, resulting in the drink containing 56% fewer calories from added sugars.