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child in supermarket sweets

Shots fired in row over ‘junk food’ promotions ban Subscription

In an outspoken attack, Ian Wright described the proposals as “government at its worst”

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asda delivery

Asda online hires Foodmaestro to add raft of dietary filters Subscription

11 Jun 2018 | By Ian Quinn

The function will be available across Asda online groceries from tomorrow

Sweets junk food obesity

PM must take decisive action on HFSS products

08 Jun 2018

While we welcome PHE’s first assessment of progress on the government’s sugar reduction programme, much more must be done…

aldi we love milk

Aldi adds 'We Love Milk' nutritional labels to Cowbelle lines Subscription

06 Jun 2018 | By Steve Farrell

The new ‘We Love Milk’ label promotes the discounter’s Cowbelle brand as a source of protein, vitamins and minerals

child in supermarket sweets

Shots fired in row over ‘junk food’ promotions ban Subscription

06 Jun 2018 | By Ian Quinn

In an outspoken attack, Ian Wright described the proposals as “government at its worst”

Sweets junk food obesity

FDF boss says plans for 'junk food' promotions ban is 'government at its worst' Subscription

06 Jun 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Delivering the Campden BRI Day lecture, Ian Wright said he’d been ‘shocked’ at ministers’ disregard for consumer choice

tesco tills

The ‘guilt lane’ ban idea is back: it won’t bother retailers Subscription

04 Jun 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Is the renewed focus on guilt lanes a sign that ministers may yet back away from pressing the nuclear button on promotions across every part of the store?


Convenience stores: A desert for healthy options? Video

31 May 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

No longer content to be an oasis of fags and booze, c-stores are upping their game in the health stakes. But there is plenty of work left to do

business barometer, shelves, deals, offers

MPs back calls for major clampdown on 'junk food' promotions Subscription

31 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Regulation was needed to tackle the ‘appalling’ obesity crisis, the health and social care committee said today


KFC pledges to cut calories by introducing healthier menu

30 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

KFC also plans to provide price incentives as part of trials to try to get consumers to switch to healthier sides

Jimmy's Iced Coffee new look

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee slashes added sugar in new-look drinks Subscription

29 May 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

The brand’s range will appear from next week in ‘fun, vibrant and informative packaging’

Copy of Sugar web

A long battle looms over food & drink health plans Subscription

25 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

The honeymoon between PHE and the food and drink industry may have to be put on hold


As sugar reduction targets are missed what's PHE's next move?

25 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

It seems counterintuitive for the industry to be pleased at this week’s “naming and shaming exercise”

child with sandwich

Childhood Obesity Plan Mark 2: things are about to get seriously complicated Subscription

24 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

If Theresa May thought this was an easy policy to pluck off the shelf to win much needed domestic credibility, she may have to think again

Alison Tedstone opinion quote

Reformulation drive is off to a reasonable start

24 May 2018 | By Alison Tedstone

With a third of primary school children and two thirds of adults overweight or obese, obesity is an issue that’s population

Burger obesity

Industry leaders to challenge ban on 'junk food' promotions Subscription

24 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Supplier organisations have engaged lawyers to begin preparing a case, The Grocer can reveal

woman eating chocolate

Food & drink companies miss PHE sugar reduction targets Subscription

23 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Figures released by PHE today showed there had been an overall 2% reduction in sugar from a 2015 baseline, well short of the 5% target for the first year of the programme set in March last year


Sugar shaming is off the mark – the out-of-home ‘black hole’ is the real scandal Subscription

22 May 2018 | By Ian Quinn

As the report today sadly confirms, it is all going on unmeasured and unpoliced, while companies who have been responding find their names dragged through the mud, and it makes a mockery of the reformulation programme 

Lidl Haltungskompass_German method of production meat labelling system_

Lidl explores new method of production label for UK meat

17 May 2018 | By Julia Glotz

The four-level labelling system is already live in Germany, where it has been well received by consumers

saturated fats

UK legislation is lagging behind when it comes to transfats Subscription

15 May 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The WHO estimates transfat consumption is responsible for more than 500,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease every year, so why isn’t the food industry – and the government – taking more action?

Woman shopper with basket of PepsiCo brands

Industry making good progress on health, claims FDF report Subscription

14 May 2018 | By Carina Perkins

FDF members have cut sugar in the average shopping basket by 12.1% and energy by 5.5% since 2013, it revealed



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