asda slimzone

Asda plans Calorie Counted own label Subscription

18 Jan 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

Asda is planning a new own-label range called Calorie Counted, set to launch in the spring…

HFSS food & drinks

Bans on HFSS promotions would 'threaten Scottish business' Subscription

18 Jan 2018 | By Ian Quinn

FDF Scotland said the move would have huge repercussions for companies that relied on promotions for sales


Food-to-go brands launch code of practice to slash sugar levels

17 Jan 2018 | By Emily Bright

McDonald’s, Greggs, Costa, Caffè Nero and Starbucks have all signed up to the code

Vegan bowl

Veganism and partnerships to shake up food to go Subscription

15 Jan 2018 | By Emily Bright

Health and wellness would play a key role in product innovation in 2018

Britvic A Healthier Everyday

Britvic launches A Healthier Everyday sustainability drive

12 Jan 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

The initiative aims to help consumers make healthier choices, support the wellbeing of communities, and minimise Britvic’s environmental impact.

Coke Classic PET bottles

Coke Classic ‘should cut sugar rather than pack sizes’ Subscription

11 Jan 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

Classic variant’s largest bottle is mooted to shrink - but health campaigners want the drink to be reformulated

Tesco healthy

Tesco CEO urges suppliers to slash prices of healthy products

09 Jan 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Supermarket admits that healthier products are more expensive as it launches five-year Little Helps strategy

Victoria atkins web

Retailers sign up to corrosive acid sales ban to under-18s

08 Jan 2018 | By Helen Gilbert

Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and The Co-op sign up to voluntary government scheme for acid and corrosive substances

Drinkaware in Asda

Mults back Dry January with ‘healthier choices’ initiatives Subscription

06 Jan 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Tesco has slashed 20% off the price of no and low-alcohol brands, and Asda has teamed up with Drinkaware to offer advice

Soft drinks can

Waitrose bans under-16s from buying high-caffeine drinks Subscription

04 Jan 2018 | By Emily Bright

Customers buying energy drinks with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre will have to show proof of age from 5 March…

Activia web

Activia kicks off gut health-based 'it starts inside' push Subscription

02 Jan 2018 | By Rachel Graham

TV adverts, outdoor advertising and in-store activation initiatives launched on 1 January


Waitrose launches 'Good Health' label and new healthier lines Subscription

02 Jan 2018 | By Andrew Don

Waitrose poll finds a third of shoppers found it difficult to choose for a healthy diet…

Own label snacks

Calories focus of new Change4Life children's health campaign Subscription

02 Jan 2018 | By Ian Quinn

The campaign is being backed by Tesco and the Co-op

Naked Bacon

Finnebrogue launches nitrite-free range of bacon and ham Subscription

30 Dec 2017 | By Rachel Graham

Naked Bacon, which cuts out the ingredient associated with cancer, will launch on 10 January

Little Miracles new

Bravura Foods takes over Little Miracles drinks distribution Subscription

22 Dec 2017 | By Carina Perkins

The brand has ambitious UK expansion plans…


M&S and Waitrose become first British supermarkets to share data on antibiotic use Subscription

20 Dec 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Waitrose follows M&S lead in sharing data on use of the drugs in supply chains…

Energy drink ban

Renewed calls for ban on sale of energy drinks to children Subscription

15 Dec 2017 | By Ian Quinn

A new AOS report reveals “shocking” levels of sugar, calories and caffeine in products sold in the UK…

red meat

Experts warn meat tax would gamble with consumer health

11 Dec 2017 | By Carina Perkins

Mick Sloyan of AHDB warned a meat tax was an “incredibly blunt tool for a complex problem”

Traffic light labelling

On-pack labelling: food companies propose portion-based plan

01 Dec 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Many products, including cheeses, biscuits and olive spreads, would have red warnings replaced with amber lights


Kellogg UK to axe Ricicles in major sugar reset Subscription

30 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Breakfast giant’s Better Starts Plan will see sugar cut in kid-friendly cereals by up to 40%

kids advertising

Peak-time ban on junk food ads ‘disproportionate’ Subscription

28 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Obesity Health Alliance has called on the government to restrict HFSS adverts where children are most exposed to them


Potassium salt substitutes get OK from government scientists Subscription

23 Nov 2017 | By Ian Quinn

SACN has been debating for four years whether to give the green light for the controversial salt alternatives

starbucks egg nog

Starbucks slashes sugar levels in festive food and drink Subscription

21 Nov 2017 | By Emily Bright

The coffee chain has also slashed sugar levels by 22% in its honey & almond hot chocolate from 33.3g to 21.6g…


Müller shrinks Frijj milkshakes’ size, but not their price Subscription

16 Nov 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

The supplier said the move would help shoppers consume less sugar

a2 milk

A2 Milk hails lactose intolerance study as 'game changer' Subscription

15 Nov 2017 | By Kevin White

Research funded by milk brand suggests lactose intolerant may only have an intolerance to the A1 beta casein protein

Yeo Valley Baobab

Tough to crack? With mainstream brands now on board, baobab may yet have superfood potential Subscription

18 Jan 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

2018 could yet be the year of the baobab, containing 50% fibre and a third of your vitamin C requirement in 10g, it ticks plenty of boxes on the nutritional front

WeightWatchers in link-up with Vimto for diet soft drinks

Diet Secrets & How to Lose Weight: better advice than Beyoncé Subscription

18 Jan 2018 | By Megan Tatum

The show was full of solid expert advice and cautionary tales


More Change4Life junk

10 Jan 2018 | By Joanna Blythman

Could there can be a sadder case of terminally atrophied eating advice than Change4Life’s children’s snacks campaign?

Gwyneth Paltrow

Retailers have a crucial role to play in stopping detox season becoming toxic Subscription

08 Jan 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

Clear labelling and promotion of healthier choices is a positive step. But surely the food industry can push further to make sure customers make sensible, healthy decisions?

Sugar Levy

The soft drinks industry levy: bittersweet?

08 Jan 2018 | By Megan Tatum

Jamie Oliver danced like a lunatic on live TV as news of a tax on sugar-heavy soft drinks broke in 2016, but the industry 

Burger obesity

Going draconian is worth a try, but PHE guidelines risk confusing consumers Subscription

02 Jan 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Change4Life is a campaign aimed at 4-10 year olds - and for parents it effectively means banning all purchases of chocolate bars, most packets of crisps, yoghurts, biscuits, ice creams and sweets

Shopper looks at labelling on tin on shelf

Will breakaway labelling system get the green light? Subscription

08 Dec 2017 | By Ian Quinn

The Evolved Nutrition Label aims to take into account portion sizes. Will more big brands sign up to front of pack?

coco pops

Snap to it, Kellogg's

08 Dec 2017

Sir, It is a disappointingly slow start for Kellogg’s Better Starts initiative

crying drunk woman

The surprising truth about Brits, booze and sugar Subscription

06 Dec 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Britons incorrectly believe we are in the top three sugar-loving nations, while 60% erroneously put us among the leading trio of boozers


Insect food for thought: perhaps not for you and me, but what about livestock feed? Subscription

27 Nov 2017 | By Ash O’Mahony

So will we all be chowing down on crickets in our tea breaks soon?

Five Guys fast food

Grocery turns its sights on out-of-home eating in obesity war Subscription

07 Nov 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Obesity is no different to food waste. If you can’t measure it, you can’t do anything about it, which is why the IGD’s full report on eating out due in January 2018 will be eagerly awaited

Lucozade Energy

Artificial sweeteners are not a silver bullet for obesity

03 Nov 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Reformulation can only work if your customers are on board…



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