Amid continuing political pressure, Kellogg’s will resist calls to reformulate its bestselling kids cereals - including Frosties - but it has launched three lines, and reformulated a fourth, to ‘rebalance’ its offer.

Three of the lines are new to the UK: Coco Pops Croc Prints (rsp: £2.39/350g), a higher-fibre, lower-sugar Coco Pops a strawberry variant of its Rice Krispies Multi-Grain shapes (rsp: £2.69/325g) and Honey Pops, a sugar and honey-coated cereal (335g rsp: £2.69).

The fourth product, Honey Loops (335g rsp: £2.69), has been reformulated, with the sugar content dropped by 8g per 100g to 21g. All the cereals comply with Ofcom rules devised using the notorious nutrient profiling model, enabling Kellogg’s to advertise on daytime TV. The company, which has three further Ofcom-compliant kids cereals including the two Mini Max lines it launched in 2011, said the products would “rebalance” its range and offer a better-for-you option.

But after shadow health secretary Andy Burnham attacked cereal suppliers two weeks ago, calling for sugar content to be capped at 30%, Kellogg’s ruled out extensive reformulation. “Our strategy is innovation, not renovation - we’re not going to change Frosties but want to offer choice and healthy options,” it said.

In 2011, Kellogg’s increased vitamin D levels in its cereals after a survey revealed an increase in cases of rickets in children.