As anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry will attest, there are some customers you could just murder (and why is it in posh restaurants they’re most frequently encountered?).

The Menu (in cinemas now and streaming on Disney+) takes that universal truth to a logical and literal extreme. And the result is equal parts hilarious and horrific.

A number of diners have secured an invitation to Hawthorn, an exclusive restaurant set on its own island. They are awful. A pair of pretentious critics, some tech startup bros, a failing actor and assistant, a miserable rich couple, and foodie geek Tyler (Nicholas Hoult). Such a terrible selection of guests paying $1,250 for the experience didn’t happen by chance: they have been hand-picked by chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). Or, as Tyler describes him, “not just a chef … a storyteller”.

All except Tyler’s last-minute date Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy), whose presence bothers chef Slowik and his cultish staff. They’re not sure if she belongs there, or rather – deserves what’s about to happen to her.

As the evening, and degustation menu, unfolds, things soon get very strange. The kitchen staff – who live in prison-like dorms on the island – show just how devoted they are to the menu they are preparing. Is it all part of the dining experience theatrics? Or is it for real? And what will chef Slowik do about Margot?

It’s a thrilling, twisty, shocking and satirical skewering of high-end dining and the service industry in general – and a must-see for anyone working in that sector.