Cadbury Trebor Bassett is bringing out a darker version of Bournville to attract consumers put off by the bitter taste of some dark chocolate products.

Cadbury Bournville Deeply Dark is made from 60% cocoa, more than the original's 39% but most rival products, including the Green & Black's range, are made from at least 70% cocoa. "The Deeply Dark line has a very smooth taste despite its high cocoa content and has been designed to appeal to a wider audience who want dark chocolate, but without the bitter taste," said Mike Tipping head of customer relations.

The two flavours, Smooth Dark Chocolate and Smooth Dark Chocolate with Coffee are priced at 1.19 for 100g - the same as the standard Bournville.

A £2m marketing push, including press and sampling will back the launch.

Dark chocolate has attracted considerable NPD in the past year and has grown 50% since 2004 [ACNielsen MAT 30 December, 2006]. It now accounts for 17% of large block sales.