Dairy Crest is adding a light blue cap to bottles of Frijj to emphasise the milk shake's freshness, part of a wider redesign to boost the brand's on-shelf impact.

Bottles bearing the new caps which replace white ones will be in-store from 1 October. They will follow the introduction last Monday of a limited-edition vanilla flavour, to replace Cookies & Cream.

The new blue cap would act as a prompt to drink the product chilled and help the range achieve greater stand-out on shelf, said Nathan King, Dairy Crest Liquids marketing director.

The new cap is the latest element of the Frijj brand refresh, begun in August and designed to differentiate the core Frijj SKUs from Frijj The Incredible, Dairy Crest's new premium sub-brand. "The new packaging retains the cow splat design which is synonymous with Frijj and aligns all the flavour variants to create a consistent look and feel," said King.